Plastic Basin

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28 Ltr Plastic Basin

20 Ltr Plastic Basin

13 Ltr Plastic Basin

13 Ltr Plastic Basin

13 Ltr Plastic Basin

13 Ltr Basin

28 Ltr Plastic Basin

28 Ltr Basin

20 Ltr Basin

Plastic Basin


Introducing the Plastic Basin by SKD Plastic

The Plastic Basin by SKD Plastic is a functional and reliable utility item designed for various tasks in homes, businesses, and outdoor environments. Made from durable plastic materials, these basins are available in different sizes, shapes, and configurations to suit different applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Durable ConstructionSKD Plastic Basins are crafted from high-quality plastic that is sturdy and impact-resistant. This ensures longevity and durability, making them suitable for frequent use without the risk of cracking or breaking.

  2. Versatile Sizes: Available in a range of sizes, from small basins for personal use to larger basins for household chores, cleaning tasks, or outdoor activities. The variety in sizes ensures there’s an appropriate basin for every need.

  3. Ergonomic Design: Designed with comfort and usability in mind, many SKD Basins feature:

    • Comfortable Grip Handles: Ergonomically designed handles for easy lifting, carrying, and pouring.
    • Smooth Edges: Rounded edges for safe handling and comfortable use.
  4. Multi-Purpose Use: The versatility of SKD Basins allows them to serve various purposes:

    • Household Chores: Used for washing dishes, cleaning floors, soaking laundry, or organizing household items.
    • Personal Hygiene: Ideal for bathing infants or pets, facilitating a convenient and hygienic bathing experience.
    • Outdoor Activities: Used for camping, gardening, fishing, or as a makeshift sink for outdoor events.
    • Construction and DIY Projects: Essential for mixing cement, holding tools, or collecting debris during renovations.
  5. Easy to Clean: Smooth surfaces and non-porous plastic material make SKD Basins easy to clean and maintain. They can be quickly rinsed or wiped down after use, ensuring hygiene and preventing the buildup of dirt or bacteria.

  6. Stackable and Nestable: Many models of SKD Basins are designed to stack neatly when not in use, saving storage space in closets, utility rooms, or outdoor sheds. Nestable designs allow them to fit compactly inside each other for efficient storage.

  7. Weather-Resistant: Designed to withstand exposure to outdoor elements such as sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations. This makes them suitable for outdoor use without fading or deteriorating over time.

  8. Color Options: Available in various colors to suit different preferences or match existing decor. Bright colors can add a cheerful touch to outdoor activities, while neutral tones are suitable for indoor use.

  9. Affordability: These Basins offer a cost-effective solution compared to alternatives like metal or ceramic basins, without compromising on quality or functionality.


  • Kitchen and Household: Used for washing dishes, cleaning vegetables, soaking laundry, or organizing cleaning supplies.

  • Personal Hygiene: Ideal for bathing infants, toddlers, or pets, providing a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

  • Outdoor and Camping: Essential for outdoor activities such as camping, gardening, fishing, or as a portable sink for picnics and events.

  • Construction and DIY: Used in construction sites, workshops, or for DIY projects like mixing paint, holding tools, or collecting debris.


These Basin by SKD Plastic combines durability, versatility, and practicality to meet various household, commercial, and outdoor needs. Whether used for daily chores, personal hygiene, outdoor activities, or DIY projects, these basins provide a reliable and efficient solution. With their ergonomic design, easy maintenance, and affordable pricing, SKD Plastic Basins are a valuable addition to any home or workplace.

For more information about SKD Plastic Basins or to explore our range of utility products, please visit our website or contact our customer service team for personalized assistance.