Our Products

Plastic Bucket

Durable and versatile, ideal for household, industrial, and commercial use. Available in various sizes and colors.

Plastic Swing Bin

Stylish and convenient, perfect for maintaining cleanliness in homes and offices. Easy to use with a swing-top lid.

Plastic Pedal Bin

Plastic pedal bins, foot-operated for cleanliness and ease, streamline waste disposal in homes and offices, promoting hygiene and convenience.

Plastic Dustbin

Sturdy and efficient, these bins are versatile for waste management in any space. Various sizes cater to diverse needs.

Plastic Drum

Heavy-duty and spacious, ideal for storage and transportation of large quantities of liquids or solids.

Plastic Round Stool

Comfortable and robust, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight and easy to stack.

Plastic Round Container

Practical and space-saving, great for storing food, toys, and other items. Comes with secure lids.

Plastic Square Container

Compact and versatile, ideal for organizing and storing various items. Features secure, tight-fitting lids.

Plastic Square Stool

Comfortable and durable, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight and stackable for easy storage.

Plastic Patra

Versatile and sturdy, ideal for washing and various household tasks. Made from high-quality plastic for long-lasting use.

Laundry Basket

Robust and spacious, these laundry bins simplify tasks with convenient handles for easy carrying, ideal for efficient laundry management.

Plastic Basin

Practical and durable, suitable for washing, soaking, and various household chores. Available in different sizes.

Plastic Round Tokra

Sturdy and versatile, perfect for carrying and storing fruits, vegetables, and other items. Easy to clean and maintain.

Plastic Square Tokra

Compact and strong, ideal for organizing and storing household items. Features a durable construction for everyday use.

Plastic Tub

Large and resilient, suitable for bathing, soaking, and other uses. Made from high-quality plastic for durability.

Plastic Rack

Functional and space-saving, perfect for organizing household items. Features multiple shelves for efficient storage.

Plastic Mug

Convenient and durable, perfect for daily use in bathrooms and kitchens. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs.

Plastic Soap Dish

Elegant and functional, crafted to preserve soap and enhance longevity. Simple to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for lasting freshness.