Dhoom Tub WP Manufacturer in Delhi, India

Dhoom Tub WP Price And Quantity

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  • Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Piece

Dhoom Tub WP Products Specifications

  • Material : PP & HDPE
  • Color : White
  • Hardness :Rigid
  • Plastic Type : HDPE Polypropylene (PP)
  • Size : 15 And 80 Liter
  • Warranty : N/a

Dhoom Tub WP Trade Information

  • Payment Terms : Cheque Cash in Advance (CID) Cash Advance (CA)
  • Supply Ability : 5000 Piece Per Day
  • Delivery Time : 3 Days
  • Sample Policy : Sample costs shipping and taxes has to be paid by the buyer
  • Main Domestic Market : All India
Dhoom Tub WP


Product Description

We offer our clients quality tested and durable ranges of Plastic Products that are quality approved and are acclaimed for high strength.

One of our product is Dhoom Tub WP White Color

Description of Dhoom Tub :

Dhoom Tub are versatile and indispensable containers that find utility in a plethora of settings, from households to industries. Their features and benefits are as follows:

Material and Durability:

Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic material, the Dhoom Tub WP ensures exceptional strength and resilience. Its robust plastic construction is engineered to withstand heavy loads and rough handling without succumbing to cracks, breaks, or deformations. This durability ensures longevity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from storing household items to handling industrial materials. Whether in homes, workshops, or industrial facilities, the Dhoom Tub WP proves its reliability and endurance, maintaining its structural integrity over time.

Clean White Color:
The pristine white color of the Dhoom Tub WP contributes to a clean and organized aesthetic in any environment. Whether deployed in kitchens, garages, workshops, or industrial settings, the white hue imparts a sense of freshness and cleanliness. Its neutral appearance complements diverse surroundings, enhancing visual appeal and promoting a tidy environment. Moreover, the white color allows for easy visibility of the tub’s contents, facilitating quick identification and retrieval, thereby streamlining tasks and enhancing productivity.

Various Capacities:
The Dhoom Tub WP is available in a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate diverse storage needs. From small containers ideal for household chores to large vessels designed for industrial storage, there exists a Dhoom Tub WP size to suit every requirement. Whether storing liquids, solids, or bulk materials, the Dhoom Tub WP offers ample capacity to address various demands. Its versatility in size ensures flexibility in storage solutions, catering to both domestic and commercial needs with ease.

Versatility of Use:
One of the key advantages of the Dhoom Tub WP is its versatility, making it indispensable in numerous applications. It serves as a multifunctional container for storing cleaning supplies, gardening tools, food ingredients, paint, chemicals, and more. Its durable construction and chemical-resistant properties render it suitable for handling a wide array of substances, from household cleaners to industrial solvents. Whether employed in homes, businesses, or manufacturing facilities, the Dhoom Tub WP excels in facilitating organization and storage efficiency.

Convenient Handle Design:
Equipped with sturdy handles, the Dhoom Tub offers ease of handling and transportability. The ergonomic handle design ensures a comfortable grip, facilitating effortless lifting and carrying, even when the tub is fully loaded. This feature proves invaluable in tasks that require frequent movement or transportation of materials, enhancing user comfort and productivity. The sturdy handles provide stability and control, minimizing the risk of accidents or spills during handling.

Stackable Configuration:
Many Dhoom Tubs WP feature a stackable design, allowing them to be efficiently stored in a compact manner. By stacking multiple tubs vertically, users can optimize storage space while maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment. This space-saving capability is particularly advantageous in settings where storage real estate is limited, such as utility closets, storage rooms, or warehouses. The stackable configuration of Dhoom Tubs WP maximizes storage capacity and promotes efficient use of available space.

The Dhoom Tub WP in white exemplifies versatility, durability, and practicality, making it an indispensable storage solution for various environments. Its robust construction, clean appearance, diverse capacities, versatile uses, ergonomic handle design, and stackable configuration collectively contribute to its utility and convenience. Whether employed in households, businesses, or industrial facilities, the Dhoom Tub WP excels in facilitating organization, storage efficiency, and task completion. With its myriad benefits and versatile applications, the Dhoom Tub WP stands as an indispensable asset in everyday tasks and specialized settings alike.

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